Internet radio is a terrific way to market your music if you are an independent music performer. Making Internet radio will be a lot simpler than you may think and also the potential rewards for the band might be tremendous.


Pandora is among the biggest companies of Internet Radio Hire broadcasting. Posting your own music to The planet pandora is totally free however their review process is fairly strict plus they only accept half the normal commission from the music artists and bands that apply. The planet pandora takes pride in maintaining a database of great music and stays lots of time examining music and ensuring your own music will get heard by people who enjoy your unique style. If one makes the cut, and The planet pandora accepts your own music, get all set to go countrywide within a few of days. New fans should start trickling in the moment your own music begins playing.

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Jango is yet another great Internet radio station which has countless active audience. For a small charge, you are able to purchase guaranteed radio plays and make certain that 1000's of fans hear your own music. They provide very respectable plans when it comes to obtaining a great deal of radio plays for very decent prices. In case your music works well and will get you plenty of recent fans Jango even provide you with free additional plays which you can use to achieve much more fans. is yet another large player online radio arena. allows you track the tunes you pay attention to helping artists and fans connect through similar musical interests. Much like The planet pandora, indicates similar music based on your style of music, meaning fans who hear your music will likely enjoy it. charges a little more than other services to obtain guaranteed plays but it is certainly worth looking at if you wish to gain extra exposure.


iLike is really a service that enables its customers to download and share music they like. This really is an execllent 'social media' service that may potentially enable you to get a lot of new fans. iLike takes some time to get accustomed to but when you devote enough effort and energy iLike will surely repay. The key factor about marketing your own music is the fact that you have to be relentless and employ just about any outlet easy to gain exposure for the music. You may be the very best band on the planet but when nobody knows you exist than it's all regulated for free.